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The below table should provide you with a guide for rating the officials of a particular game.

Competent Score 10 - Made all calls that they should; Calls made were correct and accurate; Reviewed calls were appropriately close and final ruling was correct. They did their job.
Adequate Score 8 - Missed or incorrectly made a couple of minor calls. Did not miss or make any incorrect calls that could have influenced the game.
Mediocre Score 6 - A few bad calls or non-calls that had limit or no influence on the game.
Unsatisfactory Score 4 - Several bad critical or major calls that influenced the game. Missed serious violations
Poor Score 2 - Missed or ignore serious violation where injury occurred, e.g. defender leading with helmet. Made major bad calls or missed/ignored them.
Incompetent Score 0 - Calls made or not throughout the game were incorrect, appeared bias or just ignored. Challenges were incorrectly resolved. In addition, calls were inconsistent, e.g., late hit were called sometimes and ignored at others.

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