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For over a half century, I've written down or committed to memory (what little remains) my thoughts and views on life's experiences that challenged, interested, annoyed, frustrated or angered me. I found this to be very helpful in reducing stress and maintaining my sanity, although there are probably a few people that would argue that point. To provide you with some personal facet of what's important to me, I'm including my "Avatar." Some of the details that lead me to develop this are at the end of "Getting Feedback and How to Receive it;" it's the italics at the end.

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Premise and Beliefs

I believe that I have choices, therefore, I am responsible for my outlook and behavior; that the environment, society, and I are interdependent; that physical and emotional health are interdependent; that negative behavior and emotions waste energy and causes sickness; that I must get along with myself to get along in the world. The way I live and behave is proof of my beliefs.

Values Which I Hold To Be Essential

Integrity Listening Loyalty Caring Ethics
Dignity Learning Creativity Commitment Respect
Courage Humor Pride Honesty Truth


To thy own-self always be truthful.

Personal Philosophy

I will live according to what I believe. I will maintain a balance and synergy with my mental, physical, social, and spiritual selves. I will focus on positive behavior and emotions. I will continue to grow mentally, maximize my physical condition, and dedicate the necessary effort to achieving personal and professional goals, and endeavors. I will be concerned with important things and not make unimportant things important. I will select the most important things that I am capable of doing and focus on them. I will keep things in the correct prospective. I will acquiesce to things I disagree with that I can't change, and change those I can. I will maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor. I will do the right things, and do them right. When I make a mistake, I will accept it as just that -- a mistake; a small setback. I will learn from it, avoid repeating it, and get on with my life. I will avoid dwelling on the past; I will look to the future.

When interacting, I will create an environment that is conducive to open interchange of ideas and feelings. I will use a Win/Win attitude and empathic communication. When discussing or debating controversial issues, I will remain calm, listen, not interrupt, and respond softly and logically. I will control my emotions; particularly when faced with others that are upset or offensive. Except when required as part of a role (parent, supervisor, etc,) I will always relate about others in a positive and amiable manner; when required to provide input of a negative nature, I will be factual and avoid judgment. I will be concerned and show respect for all species and the environment. To accomplish all that is possible, I must always tell myself, and face, the truth.

P. Arthur Stuart /Nov 92 /Rev 11 - June 2009

From November of 1992 until I retired, I carried this document in my pocket. I would read it a minimum of once a week, and whenever I got in to a conflict or had to make a tough decision. I would ask myself if I were meeting the standards I set. Occasionally I failed. I made no excuses, accepted my failure and worked very hard at not repeating it. Sticking to it became easier and easier. The first few years, I wouldn't share this with anyone. No, not because I thought they would hold me to it, but rather, I needed to do it for myself. Then I would know that I was successful at achieving my goals on my own. By doing it on my own and not at the prodding of others, I was truly mastering myself. Over the years I added more and made minor changes. It became a dynamic document that grew as I grew. I began sharing this with others after I felt comfortable with how I fit it. I haven't been called on it so far.

It has been many years, since I stopped carrying the card. However, I know what My Avatar says and I still follow it. Yes, I do fail from time-to-time, nevertheless I feel I live up to it. I do read it occasionally, to make sure that I'm adhering to my personal standards; I do this at least once a month. June 23, 2019. I have since made an audio, so, I listen to it occasionally.

These pages are a small compilation, of those things I've been exposed to, that I've been able to learn from and documented, mostly in the rough. So, if you revisit here from time-to-time, you'll see rough edges smoothed and you'll see these pages grow, both in size and number as I review my materials and/or when I get motivated or pissed-off by some new events. I was told that some of my writings were verbose, that's a crime—being verbose, so I will use KISS to the best of my ability. KISS: Keep it simple system or keep it simple stupid. I believe that I'm an average person, therefore, since most of the world is average, there is a strong probability that lots of you out there may share my views, or perhaps, you are vehemently opposed to them. In either case I hope they'll give you something to think about.

I was once told, "It's easier to carry a load with your mind than with your back." I would now add to that saying, "if you can find or observe someone else that carried the load—examine what they did and learned, and let that be your guide." Bottom line, if you can learn from someone else's experience and their findings, you can save yourself a lot of time and eliminate a lot of pain, grief, and frustration. I know there are some things that you must do and experience firsthand, like sex or the taste of foods. The experiences of others can help in some ways to prepare us for those things that we need to experience firsthand. Parenting is an excellent example, as is sports. However, there are many things that are worth avoiding, things that can be learned from the experiences of others. Like getting arrested or a speeding ticket.

I think of these pages as "Sharing Life's Experiences." Experiences that may provide some insight into what to expect and provide tools for dealing with them. Other types of experiences that are best avoided; or guidance on how best to proceed and what to anticipate. And some views/opinions that might give you something to think about, make you mad as hell, or even put you to sleep. I've certainly made more than my share of mistakes and have seen much. Another way to put it is that I experienced life through trial and error, mostly error. For what it's worth, I believe I have good observation and analytical skills. And with that comment, now is as good as any place to start my sharing.

Some people I've dealt with would have found it hard to believe that I had any skills, let alone the ability to observe and analyze. I discovered this purely by accident when I prepared a comprehensive report. My supervisor said, "I didn't think you could do such an in-depth analysis like this." I asked why he thought that. He told me that I was always quick to reach conclusions and make decisions.

I thought about this for some time. He never said any of the decisions were wrong. I wondered, if my supervisor's evaluation might not have been so simple, if he had considered that nearly all those quick conclusions and decisions were related to things I've done for the greater part of my life – over thirty years. After you've done something over and over again, you learn what works and what doesn't. It doesn't take any real brilliance to learn, you don't have to stick your hand in fire a second time to know that you will get burned and it doesn't take long to reach that conclusion. It's only when something really new and different occurs that it needs to be studied, analyzed, solutions developed, and a choice made—it's not always easy.

My point, in this case, is that quick conclusions and decisions may not be related to one's observational or analytical skills. Ah, ha! I observed a behavioral trait. I thought about past interactions I've had, those I've observed between others, and concluded that people (most of them) form a basis for action on very limited information; this should be very obvious to all. Part of a person's mental process is considering past similar experiences, making a whole bunch of assumptions, and integrating them with their personal biases: sadly, it's all done subconsciously. Rarely will they give any real thought to their conclusion. Unfortunately, they often make decisions that affect our lives and careers based on their limited knowledge and data. People that really care about others, discuss their perceptions with the person concerned.

From the interaction with my supervisor, I also observed that people will project their behavioral traits – usually the bad ones – on to others. It is obvious that my supervisor made a quick decision, the kind that he had accused me of, with limit analysis or even thought. I could provide a long list of other hasty decisions he made, but I don't think it's necessary.

For a common reference point, let's consider a familiar example of projecting one's traits on to another. I'm sure you've been told (particularly if you're male and married) "you don't listen," you've told someone (particularly if you're female and married) "you don't listen," or you've heard someone tell another (probably a female speaking to a male) that "you don't listen." I would encourage you to look very carefully at the person making that statement, even if it's you, do they (you) listen and know how to listen. Determine if they (you) HEAR – I'm not talking about volume. Hearing, in this case, is understanding what is said. A third point here is that in many, many cases, people will only hear what they want to hear. I can give you numerous examples but I'm sure you have your own. From my observations over time and the interactions with numerous people, I have found that those that accuse others of not listening are usually poor listeners themselves and probably have poor communication skills.

While I have political and religious views, I don't get overly concerned about what other people's views on these topics are, there are just too many extremists in these areas to talk about anything specifically related to the religious or political belief. Also, it appears to me that very few of these people are open to the views of others, even when it is supported by scientific or documented facts. Yes, I know scientific facts and documented events can be argued with but let's not go there. In these areas there is no average, and the opinions are so varied, with much of it based solely on strong-unyielding personal beliefs, that even if concrete evidence were available to these people, it could not convince them of anything different; these people believe there is a worldwide conspiracy against them. I will however, present my views on those members—religious or political—that use their positions to abuse others or rip us off. I also will express my views on bigotry and hypocrisy. For example: there have been cases where a religious leader has molested children and even adults. It is not the fault of the religion. In these cases, I will put forth my views about the people that use religious, political, and other positions of trust, when they (as it appears to me) abuse their position or fail to do what's right/competent. Oop's, it's funny, it occurs to me that using "political" and "trust" in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

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