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August 25, 2009 Miscel BCI

It was about 8:30 PM and dark, with poor lighting. I was leaving a small mall parking lot and making a right turn. I checked the sidewalk left and right as I approached the driveway. When I stopped my front bumper was about a foot over the sidewalk. The traffic approaching was steady, while I waited for an opportunity to enter the roadway. After 10 to 15 seconds, I was preparing to enter, when, just before I started to move a bicyclist crossed in front of me. I held my hand up as a sort of apology but he gave me a look that said, "Are you a moron?"

I felt like I was an ignorant bci, but as I reflected, I did nothing wrong. In fact, the bicyclist was the real bci.

  • He was riding on the sidewalk. A bike lane was available
  • He was riding in the wrong direction.
  • He had no lights or reflectors of any kind.
  • He crossed in front of me without making eye contact.
Submitted by: Scared Driver My Score -- out of 10: 8

The cyclist could have been dressed all in black; he had a white shirt. He could have shouted obscenities and given the finger. He could have scratched the car or broke a head light. He could have started a physical confrontation.

Date: Category:
Jan 21, 2008 Parental BCI

I started my day by visiting my favorite family restaurant, unfortunately there was a family there with TWO small annoying children. The kids kept screaming (literally) and making various other noises, much to the chagrin of the other patrons and staff. The parental BCI's (there were two of them) made no effort to stop the behavior, they just ignored it.

Submitted by: PAS My Score -- out of 10: 4

Scoring considerations: Had the parents encouraged the children a higher score would have been assigned. Other exacerbating things they could have done was to leave, go shopping and leave the kids till they were done; but we would have called the cops. The children made a mess and they left it for the staff to pick-up. The score would have been lower if they had after the fifth or sixth time, had they made an attempt to stop them.

Date: Category:
Jan 25, 2008 Miscellaneous BCI - (Miscel-bci)

Again we were at our favorite family restaurant, when a cell phone began ringing, that's Okay. It's even Okay to answer it and talk the way you would when conversing with others at your table. But as faith would have it the miscel-bci raised it's voice several octaves above a shout. Everyone in the place was not only privy to the conversation but found it hard to continue with the conversations they were having with others. In addition, it was also difficult to concentrate on reading or other activities like doing a crossword puzzle. To make matters worse the miscel-bci received several more calls.

Submitted by: PAS My Score -- out of 10: 5

Scoring considerations: The miscel-bci could have asked everyone to be quiet or demanded it; this would raise the score a few points depending on the number of patrons and what they were doing. While its ring tone was loud it could have been much worse.

Date: Category:
January 26, 2008 Auto BCI

We were traveling North on I-15 in the number 2 lane at 65 to 70 mph, when a car from the number 4 lane crossed in front of us and proceed to cross the safety area as it exited the highway. In doing so it also cut-off a few other cars. The auto-bci did not use any signals and missed us by less than a car length, or so. It scared the crap out of us.

Submitted by: PAS My Score -- out of 10: 5

Scoring considerations: Because of the speed (65 to 70 mph), the number of lanes crossed (4), failure to use signal and the small distances it crossed in front of other cars. A higher score would be awarded if it gave us all the finger. Crossed even closer. Signaled after completing the maneuver. Decided that it really didn't want to exit and re-crossed back to lane 4

Date: Category:
March 31, 2008 Miscellanious

Briefly, I jog (slowly) for 30 minutes four times a week. The first sign was when I thought my chest was cold. The next couple of days the same thing happen. The second sign was when I was about twenty minutes into my run when my chest began to hurt; I thought it was indigestion. The third sign came about five minutes into the next day's run when my chest and underarms began to hurt. I stopped running and began to walk; everything returned to normal. It took several repeat incidents to convince me to go to the doctors where they found a coronary artery blockage. If you want the complete story read, "Am I Stupid or What?."

Submitted by: PAS My Score -- out of 10: 6

Scoring considerations: I could've waited till it only took one minute for the pain to come. I could've stopped jogging.

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