Food for Thought II
© February 2022, P. Arthur Stuart
Updated: July 1, 2022

Like the other "Food for Thought" page which I'm going to limit to posters or pictures, this page will be written words. Some of the items can be found on other of my pages and may be redundant, although I'll likely add an explanation. Sorry! I just think they are important enough to repeat; and repeat.

    Throughout this page, for the sake of understanding, let's start by establishing a common point of view. When I use the following terms, this is what I mean:
  • Everyone or Nobody means 1 to 5 in a million. My definition. Example -- Nobody wants the earth to explode and kill everyone, yet there are probably some out there that would think this is a great idea.
  • Large Number or Many: means 25 or more in a hundred. My definition.
  • Majority: means more than half.
  • A few: Less than ten percent. My definition.

The Story of the Donkey and the Tiger

The donkey told the tiger: “The grass is blue.”

The tiger replied: “No, the grass is green.”

The discussion became heated up, and the two decided to submit the issue to arbitration, and to do so they approached the lion, King of the Jungle. Before reaching the clearing in the forest where the lion was sitting on his throne, the donkey started screaming: “Your Highness, is it true that grass is blue?”

The lion replied: “If you believe it is true, the grass is blue.”

The donkey rushed forward and continued: “The tiger disagrees with me and contradicts me and annoys me please punish him.”

The king then declared: “The tiger will be punished with 5 years of silence.”

The donkey jumped for joy and went on his way, content and repeating: “The grass is blue...”

The tiger accepted his punishment, but he asked the lion: “Your Majesty, why have you punished me, after all, the grass is green?”

The lion replied: “In fact, the grass is green.”

The tiger asked: “So why do you punish me?”

The lion replied: “That has nothing to do with the question of whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment is because it is not possible for a brave, intelligent creature like you to waste time arguing with a donkey, and on top of that to come and bother me with that question.”

Moral: The worst waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn't care about truth or reality, but only the victory of their beliefs and illusions. Never waste time on discussions that make no sense... There are people who for all the evidence presented to them, do not have the ability to understand, and others who are blinded by ego, hatred and resentment, and the only thing that they want is to be right even if they aren't. When ignorance screams, intelligence shuts up. Your peace and tranquility are worth more.

Author unknown -- This appeared on “English Literature: A Community on Facebook.” -- This site also offers other such inspiration.

It just occurred to me that the Donkey Votes!


When we think of our natural senses, we think of smell, hearing, sight, touch, and taste; all of which dull with age. However, there are senses to consider when looking at one’s ability to live within their environment. These senses, which are not easily observable or measurable are those that occur in the mind. Some of them are: a sense of humor, a sense of compassion, understanding or empathy, loving, and very important “right and wrong.”


How can you know where you're going if you don't know where you're at?

Nature and Animals

I think there are basically three types of people when it comes to nature and animals: those that love them, those that are indifference, and those that see them as a commodity or plaything. From years of subjective observation has led me to the following conclusion. In general, I have found people that love animals and nature are concerned about the environment, care about others, are kind, will help others freely, are gregarious, and friendly. I want to state, there are always exceptions.


As I perused my Facebook page, I discovered that I'm stupid; according to others. Many posts either state or imply, if you (being me) don't agree, you're stupid (that again being me.)

Sometimes You've Got To Lose To Win!

While I served in the Navy, when a ship was going to be in port for an extended period, the ship took it's electrical power from the shore station. The method was to turn off ship's power and then turn on the shore power; the reverse when leaving. It frustrated me because I thought we should parallel when shifting, which would be beneficial for many reasons. At the time it was my belief, as well as nearly all my comrades, that it was against regulations to parallel when shifting. While undergoing refresher training, one of the instructors told me that in fact the regulation said you should parallel to transfer power. I, of course told him he was wrong, and bet him he couldn't show me. He did show me and I was elated. I lost the bet but really won, because now I could parallel to shift. I managed to convince my bosses and it became standard practice on my ship. You can find a more detailed explanation on my webpage If It Doesn't Make Sense – Check It Out

I Love You

I was perusing some old papers I had scribbled and it stirred old memories. I wrote this perhaps 30 or more years ago, circa 1990: As I go through life, whether in this world or the next, I will forever hold you near and dear. You should know that this message is intended for all time.
I love you; no other three words combination means more or evokes the emotion they do. These words can make us glad of heart, incredibly happy, and produce a spirit of magic and wonder. They make rainbows brighter, sunsets more colorful, and life all the more meaningful. I love you can be spoken in many ways: to a child it means I'm wanted, to the parent it means you're needed, and between a man and woman it means I'm cared for and needed.
Between a man and woman, it makes the physical and spiritual union enthralling and fulfilling.
Regardless of what life has in store for you and me, no matter where you are, no matter what the future brings, I want you to know, wherever and whatever I may be, “I Love You.”
2022 -- Today If I wrote this would add, “Always and All Ways,” which holds special meaning for Pat and me.

Quote: Marc Anthony

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.