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Victoria: Worlds Apart Victoria: Discovering Love Victoria: Coalescing BCI*
*The Beginning Study
of the End Behavior
Twenty-Two Years Life’s Lesson & Other Thoughts Entity

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Victoria: Discovering Love -- at Amazon

Victoria: Discovering Love -- Preview

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Victoria: Coalescing
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*The Beginning Study of the End Behavior
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*The Beginning Study of the End Behavior

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Twenty-Two Years
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Twenty-Two Years -- Preview

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An autobiography of my military career. It's about learning, meeting wonderful (and not so wonderful) people, place I got to travel to, and growing up. The trials and tribulations of being away and at home. I served on six ships and four shore stations. I was station on both coasts and travelled east to the Mediterranean, North to the Arctic, and west to Sri Lanka, when I was there it was Ceylon. It's my mishmash collection of memories about the people, my jobs, and events during my career. For the most part I've remember the brighter spots and some of the lessons I've learn. Lessons we could all learn.

Life’s Lesson & Other Thoughts
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Life’s Lesson & Other Thoughts is a compilation of my web pages
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Entity-- Preview

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There’s a blinding flash of light over the North-West region of the United States. Investigations by federal, state, local authorities and civilian adventures can find no explanation. Years later It arises from nothing, an Entity arising from nothing, without knowledge, yet unbelievably powerful, powerful enough to do almost anything. It is virtually indestructible and possibly capable of ruling the world; is that what it wants. Why is it here and who or what sent it. The Entity begins its journey by collecting data—observing and interfacing with various Earth systems. The Entity, shortly after it comes into existence, meets a female biologist and bonds with her; their adventure begins. She raises the question, “Do you want to dominate the world?” Does he and will she join him if he does or will she try to destroy him? What is the Entity after? In its search, they travel to distant worlds. Worlds where they find life, both similar and different from what they know. Who or what are Xypior, Qaydz, Agehya, and Hę:gweh? What part does Makoyi serve?

Books I'm Working On
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Title About Cover
Victoria: Family and Fruition More on the Victoria series.
Surviving In Spite of Oneself Crossing the finish line, despite falling many times.
Me and My Person A child's book about Shadows
Don't Be Stupid - fitness, food, and fun Keeping oneself fit and healthy
Dear Good Letter What we have here is a failure to communicate. Love, marriage, and communications: from the male perspective?
It's Never Too Late A Love Story about two old people falling in love
An Extraordinary Ordinary Life Just beginnig: A Love Story about ordinary people that meet, fall in love, marry, have a family, and live day to day
The Wizard's Talisman Just beginning: Patricia a high school girl, has bestowed upon her a magical talisman.