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Victoria: Worlds Apart Victoria: Discovering Love Victoria: Coalesing BCI*
*The Beginning Study
of the End Behavior
Twenty-Two Years Life’s Lesson & Other Thoughts

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Listen to Proloque and Chapters 1 & 2

Blue Ink Review

Clarion Review

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Victoria: Discovering Love -- at Amazon

Victoria: Discovering Love -- Preview

Listen to Proloque and Chapters 1 through 3

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Victoria: Coalescing
Kindle edition at Amazon

Victoria: Coalescing -- Preview

Listen to Proloque through Chapter 4

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-- BCI*
*The Beginning Study of the End Behavior
at Amazon

BCI*-- Preview
*The Beginning Study of the End Behavior

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Twenty-Two Years
at Amazon

Twenty-Two Years -- Preview

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Life’s Lesson & Other Thoughts
Kindle edition at Amazon

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Books I'm Working On
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Title About Cover
Victoria: Family and Fruition More on the Victoria series.
Suviving In Spite of Oneself Crossing the finish line, despite falling many times.
Me and My Person A child's book about Shadows
Don't Be Stupid - fitness, food, and fun Keeping oneself fit and healthy
Entity An attempt at Scifi
Dear Good Letter What we have here is a failure to communicate. Love, marraige, and communicaitons: from the male prespective?
It's Never Too Late A Love Story about two old people falling in love
Talisman Just begining