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Updated -- October 31, 2008

June 20xx: Marsha Loves John. The famed "Dear John Letter" turns out to be a fake. Some, no longer, friends of John played a practical joke on him. Marsha and John were married and expecting sextuplets. The proceeding is a fictitious example. But you can get an idea of what I'll put on this page.

August 2014: On one of the eastern states freeways a stray dog was walking dangerously close to traffic. Because of the concrete barriers he couldn't just move off the road. Although it was rush hour, several cars formed a barrier between the dog and the faster moving vehicles. A motorcyclist herded the dog to an off ramp where one of the drivers pulled off the road and chased the dog down. The dog was tired and friendly. The good Samaritan turn the dog over to animal control.

October 2011: Brianna Amat, Pinckney Community High School, in Michigan was selected as the homecoming queen and she also kicked the winning field goal for her school.

You can also Google, Bing, Yahoo or etc., kicking queen, Home coming kicking queen, or Brianna Amat to get more details to a fine story.

April 28, 2008: Just when you've about lost all hope and reach an irrevocable conclusion that there's no sportsmanship in the dog-eat-dog world of athletics, along comes a story that shatters it thankfully. The event: Collegiate girl's softball teams that were meeting in a playoff game; the winner would advance; the loser would go home and for the seniors it would be their last game.

There was no score, two runners were on base when Sara (a senior) stepped up to the plate. Sara would for the first time in her softball career hit a home run. In all likelihood it would be the only time in her college career that she would hit a home run. As Sara rounded first base, she missed a step and failed to touch the base. As she turned to return to touch the base, she injured herself severely enough that she could not proceed on her own.

Softball rules do not allow her own team mates to help her and if she couldn't proceed the umpire would be required to call her out. If she were called out then her only career home run would be nullified. What a bummer.

It was then that the true meaning of sportsmanship sprang into action. One of the opposing team players began to assist and another joined in, together they carried her around the bases so that she could touch each base; the rules didn't disallow this. Sara got her home run and the world was shown what athletics and sportsmanship is truly all about.

If you want the whole story go to Google: search for ultimate sportsmanship or unbelievable sportsmanship. You'll find many videos and articles.

These links had the full story when I looked it up Oct 30, 2008

In the December 31, 2006 Parade Magazine there was a paragraph about a dog that dial 911 (auto dial button) which lead to emergency medical assistance for his master, who had passed out. The dog is credited with saving his master's life. I also think it's great that the operator responded to the barking dog.

Today is December 29, 2006. It was very early in the morning, it was still dark, when I was rudely awakened by the ringing of our phone. I removed the covers and began to shiver; it was below fifty degrees. In my slippers and skivvies, I made my way to the phone, while dreading what I might hear. When calls come in during sleep time, I expect to be notified that someone is in the hospital or died, or some other major catastrophe. The answering machine picked-up, while I stood there shivering, and spoke it's built in drawl message. When completed, a woman stated, "My name is Doreen." (my thoughts were, "You inconsiderate bitch, what the hell are you selling this time of the day?") She continued, "I found a check of yours" (I began thinking, "What's her angle") "for one hundred dollars, made out to Michael ______." I picked up at that point.

Based on my thought prior to actually answering the call, you can tell that I am a skeptic and cynical. I am happy to report that a bit of faith in the good of people has been restored. Doreen gave me her phone numbers so that my grandson could contact her and get his check back, which he did. Even though it was unnecessary, she apologized when she discovered that although the Sun was shining brightly in Florida it was still well below the horizon in California.

We were now awake, so we decided to go to breakfast. On the way to eat, we mailed a letter in the drive through. As we were leaving, we saw a letter on the ground which probably was dropped by someone. Because there were cars behind us, so we left. Feeling guilty we returned to the post office to see if the letter had been picked up; it hadn't. So, my wife worked her way around the hedges, picked it up and put it into the mailbox. She felt good about doing it. And I was proud of her.

August 19, 2006 - Report on TV news: A man in Florida saved nine ducklings from starvation by helping them get out of a storm drain, that they had fallen into. Mom duck was happy.