Pi's New Yorker Language Lexicon
© 2005 Pi Arthur Stuart
Updated July 7, 2019
Sounds Like Means
aliciar alicia
aincha aren't
ard art
aree•r area
are-range orange
armond almond
boid bird
boyst burst
brodda brother
ca'mere come here
cuz because
da the
dare there
Dartsun Datsun
dat that
dem them
dere their
dey they
dis this
d'ya do you
dose or doze those
earl oil
era error
errer era
eva ever
farhead forehead
fodda father
fordee forty
fort fourth
goil girl
hoit hurt
hydren/hydrun hydrant
hydrunt hydrant
ju know You Know
jus just
idear idea
leddar(s) letter(s)
lore law
moyda murder
mudda mother
New York•are New Yorker
neva never
nuttin nothing
o' of
odd art
orfiss office
ort art
ova over
Patrici•are Patricia
pitcher picture
poifect perfect
poils pearls
Reada Rita
retoin return
t'- pronounced ta to
tanks thanks
tick thick
ting thing
tink think
toobar tuba
tomorrah tomorrow
tork talk
tree three
saw soar
shoitenly certainly
sireen siren
sore saw
spar spa
uddar other
uts youth
ya you
vanillar vanilla
wada water
wader waiter
wanna want to
warda water
ward•are water
watts da what the
weeze we
widda widow
winda window
wit with
woid word
woiks works
woild world
y'- pronounced ya you
yous or youse you
yeah yes
yer your


Updated November 1, 2008