Poppy and Achi:
A Tale of Two Puppies*

*The beginning

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Hi, my name is Polo-Poppy, but they just call me Poppy. I was born June 26, 2009. For the next few weeks I just ate and slept. My guardian Stephanie, named me Polo.

I was about ten weeks old, when this picture was taken. I weighed about two and a half pounds.

Poppy: I first met Pat and Art on September 20, 2009 when they came to visit Stephanie. Bebe, Steph’s two and a half year old Chihuahua, and I were both rather shy and stand-offish. They sat on the floor and remained rather still, so Bebe went to them and sniffed them all over. She even jumped on Pat and Art, so I thought I would venture to do the same, but I would do it very carefully. I was ready to retreat quickly if necessary. Every once in a while one of them would move so I ran and jumped on Steph for protection. Occasionally I would chase Bebe for fun.

They talked for a few more minutes to Stephanie and then they left. I played with Bebe and Stephanie. A short time after Pat and Art left, Steph took us for a ride. We visited her friends and they made a big fuss over me. I'm adorable and I know it. When we got home, we played a little and then went to sleep.

When I got up September 21st I ate and played with Bebe. For an old lady she’s fun. Stephanie got up and left. She was gone until it started to get dark. A little while later, Pat and Art came again. I was still stand-offish but behaved more friendly. They really looked happy to see me. I do that to people. They talked, while Bebe and I played and checked them out; always ready to make a quick getaway. We also jumped on them.

When Pat stood up, she reached out and picked me up -- I became scared. What was happening? She held me close but was very gentle and loving. When Stephanie opened the door and Pat carried me out, I didn't know what was happening. I was really, really worried. Where’s Stephanie?

I realize that on September 21, 2009 I was adopted by Pat and Art. They were my new guardians; even though I didn't want to leave Stephanie. No one consider how I would feel about it. I was scared and I wondered what kind of people they were. Pat held me while Art drove. She spoke softly, in a reassuring voice and kept kissing me on the head, but I jerked away. I wasn't used to this. I really didn't want to go with them, even though I thought they were nice. Pat wrapped me in my blanket, the one Stephanie's mom made for me. I felt a little more safe with something familiar close by.

When we got to the place that would be my new home, they took me inside where I met the rest of the family. David, Pat and Art’s son, was the first to greet me. Pat handed me to him and he smiled. He seemed nice. Then I met the rest of the family. I was introduced to Sugarbear, a big dog by my standards. She was about 15 to 20 times my size and that scared me but all she did was sniff me all over. I then met the two cats: Harley-David’s-Son and Sammy. They said Harley was David’s cat, whatever. Lastly, I met Toto-Achi a ten week old boy Chihuahua, that Pat and Art had adopted the previous evening. They said that Achi was born in a house that was located on a street named “The Yellow Brick Road.” How quaint, what does that have to do with anything?

After a bit they took Achi, the jerk, and me to the bedroom so they could watch us while they were watching television. Along with putting Achi and me on the bed. They also put my house, the one Stephanie got me, on the bed as well. Right away Achi, the pest, started to annoy me. He was a real bully and kept jumping on me and pushing me around. I retreated to my house. Didn't he know I was frightened and worried. What have I gotten into? From time-to-time I would venture out and either Pat or Art would pick me up and softly stroke me. I was beginning to like them. Perhaps it won't be too bad here after all. I miss Bebe and Stephanie a lot.

When we went to bed, they put my house on their bed in a position that was safe. I went to sleep right away it had been a long day. I don't know who started it but Achi and I began to attack each other. It was great fun. I found out that I was bigger than he was, so I could dish it out also. I guess that's when we started to become buddies. After a short time battling, we went back to sleep.

Hi, my name is Toto-Achi, but they just call me Achi. The reason for my first name, Toto, was because the house I was born in was located on a street named "The Yellow Brick Road." Pat, my future guardian, named me Toto-Achi. The Achi part because I was so cute. She said, "It was from Achi(huahua)." I was born July 12, 2009. My first guardian, Kim, never gave me a name.

This is my first good picture. At the time I was all white. I'm kind of adorable, ain't I. I weighed about two pounds.

Achi: I don't remember much the first few weeks. I guess I just nursed and slept. After a while I began to play with my sister and mom. It was fun. I ran all over the place. A couple of days ago people started to visit. They looked at my sister and me. My sister was adopted first by an elderly man. I hope she will be happy. Now the only one I can play with and attack is my mom.

My guardian told someone she was speaking to on the phone that I was feisty when the caller ask about me. Later that day I found out the caller was Pat. I met Pat and Art September 20th, 2009 when they adopted me. They came in and sat on the floor so that I could jump on them and I did. At first, they were sad but their faces lit up when they saw me. They fell in love with me right away. Not to brag, but I'm very lovable. I could see it in their eyes and faces. I heard Art say, “It’s love at first sight. I knew it would be.” I'm glad I could make them a little happy. So, I continued to run around wildly to impress them with my vigor and then I spotted a comfortable spot between Art’s legs, where I could see what was going on, so I made myself comfortable. I stayed there for a few moments but soon saw an opportunity to chase my mom. From time-to-time I would return to my vantage spot, preparing for my next attack. Pat also had a nice soft lap.

They stayed for a while talking to my guardian and her daughter. Then Pat picked me up and held me close. When she went outside, I became a little scared, but she kept kissing me and whispering how much she would love me. On the trip to my new home, she held me very gently and covered me with a blanket. She kept speaking to me in a soft reassuring voice and holding me so gently. I relaxed a little. This was all new to me and I was a bit apprehensive.

I saw my new home that evening. Pat introduced me to Sugarbear, a giant dog. I better be careful around her; she might step on me. Sugar sniffed me and followed me everywhere. I was really scared, she’s so big. After a few hours I knew she wasn't going to hurt me; I hope I'm right. I also met the two cats, Harley-David’s-Son and Sammy. Neither one wanted anything to do with me and if I get close to them, they run away; what scaredy cats -- ha, ha. I wonder if they were scared or annoyed. I also met David, Pat and Art’s son. David picked me up and petted me. He fell in love with me too, but who wouldn't? It looks like I'm going to have it real cushy around here.

After I did some exploring, which I did very cautiously, Pat and Art settled down on the bed with me to watch television. Alongside the bed was a cash of toys that they gave me to play with. I think another puppy had them before, I could smell his scent. I showed them how to attack them. There was something under the covers which I had enormous fun attacking. I must have defeated it because it gave up and left.

I wondered around the bed to see what kind of mischief I could get into. Then I found a spot where I had an over whelming need to pee, so I did. While I was peeing, Pat picked me up and took me to a tray that had some stuff in it. It was very comfortable so I laid down. Pat looked at me like, “What are you doing?” I stayed there a few minutes and then Pat took me back to the bed.

September 21, 2009

Achi: This morning when I woke up Pat was sleeping. Art was up so when he saw me excited to see him, he picked me up. He opened the front door and let Sugarbear and Sam out. He took me outside and put me down. I stayed close to him and if I started to go more than a foot or so away Art followed me closely. It made me feel safe. After a bit he took me inside and by that time Pat was getting up. I was put on the floor so I could explore and have a drink.

Art left the house and about an hour afterward Pat picked me up. She took me to the car and drove to this place where they eat breakfast. Art was there and I was glad to see him. They introduce me to Mark, Barb and a whole lot of other people. Mark said, “He’s a winner.” They all liked me, but as I said, “I'm very lovable.” They didn't have much for breakfast, just coffee and an English muffin. From time to time, I noted a bit of sadness in Pat and Art, like they lost something very important. However, when they look directly at me, they'd smile and cheer up. I like that.

After breakfast they took me to a place called Petco. At Petco there were a lot of people and they all said I was adorable and cute. They all liked me too.

September 22, 2009

Poppy: When morning came, I got up and played with Achi. I guess he’s not so bad after all. Pat was still sleeping when Art got up. He put us down so we could eat, play and do other stuff. He took Sugarbear and Sam outside. When he came back, he fed Sugarbear, Harley, Achi and me. He did some things that people do in the morning. Dressed, brushed his teeth and other stuff. He took us back to Pat and left the house.

Just before Art left the house, he told Pat that he would meet her at Cully’s, the restaurant where they have breakfast and coffee most days. Pat took Achi and me out to the car. She put us on her lap while she drove until we got there. Then into her jacket we went. I was introduce to Mark, the proprietor. He said I was a winner, just like Achi. There were other people there and they all loved us. Boy are we going to make out in the future.

When we got home, I was tired so I took a nap, there will be plenty of time to play later. Later on, in the afternoon we went to Petco. Poor Achi had to get his first series of shots. He scream very loudly. I'll be brave when my turn comes in a month; I already had my first series.

When we got home, I explored some more, Achi tagged along. Sugarbear sometimes followed us.

When it got dark, we play on the bed while Pat and Art watched television. What do they see in that dumb thing?

In the afternoon Mom and Dad took Achi for his first round of shots. I had mine early before they adopted me. While we were there, they weighed us. I weigh 2.5 lbs.

Achi: When morning came, I got up and played with Poppy. I guess he’s not such a dead beat as when I first met him. Pat was still sleeping when Art got up. He put us down so we could eat, play and do other stuff. He took Sugarbear and Sam outside. When he came back, he fed Sugarbear, Harley, Poppy, and me. He did some things that people do in the morning – dressed, brushed his teeth and other stuff. He took us back to Pat and left the house.

As Art was leaving the house, he told Pat that he would meet her at Cully’s, the restaurant they have breakfast and coffee at most days. The place they took me to yesterday where everyone loved me. I know I'm lovable. Pat took Poppy and me out to the car. She put us on her lap until we got there. Then into her jacket we went. I was introduce to some more people that Pat and Art know.

Late in the afternoon they took us to a place called Petco. I didn't know it but they were taking me for what they called the basic series of shots. I found that I don't like shots and let everyone know it. Before they gave me my shot, they weighed me. I weighed 2 lbs.

September 23, 2009

Poppy: In the morning Art got up first and took Sugarbear and Sam outside. When he came back in, he put us on the floor so we could eat and do our thing. After we ate and, you know, Achi and I played a while. Sometime though he doesn't know when to stop so I growled at him and gave him a quick nip. What a dope he doesn't get the message to quickly.

We visit our restaurant again and everybody check us out again. The new waiter, Mitch, said we were cute or words to that effect. I don't think he cared to much about us. Barbara showed up and Art passed me to her. Boy, I like her. If anything happens to Pat and Art, I sure hope she adopts me.

Pat got really sick, so Art kept us with him for the rest of the day. We mostly stayed on the bed while he tried to write and watch television. Achi and I chewed on the paper and then we attempted to get his pen. He said, “How about you guys giving me a break; I'm doing something here.” We ignored him. In fact, Achi climbed on the paper Art was using and went to sleep. I curled up next to Art.

When I woke up, I still wouldn't let Art write so he got an old toothbrush for Achi to play with and he got me one too. Achi kept taking mine, so Art would give the one Achi abandoned to me.

Today I did something very stupid. I tried to jump down from the bed and hurt myself. I heard Art say, “I'm such an idiot for leaving you there like that,” while he picked me up carefully. He looked me all over and calmed me down. I could see he was really worried. After Art was sure that I didn't have any real injuries he let me play with Achi. He had David watch us while he went away for a minute to do some business.

Achi: Poppy and I became good friends. We stick together. We even try to play with Sugarbear. Well it’s mostly Poppy that jumps up on her. He likes to kiss her, she seems motherly. But for the most part she just tolerates us.

They took us again to where they eat breakfast. Poppy was highly active, We kept moving around all over Art and Poppy even tried to climb on the table. I was quiet and relaxed. The nice waitress, Barb, came in. Art let her hold Poppy and he was so excited to see her. He kept kissing her. I think she would take him if she could. Pat gave each of us some sausage, very little pieces.

When we got home, Pat did a couple of things then got very sick. Art took Poppy and I into the bedroom and played with us for a while. He gave me a toothbrush to play with. When he saw the fun I was having, he got one for Poppy.

September 24, 2009

Poppy: Pat was still sick, so we spent the day with Art playing and mostly sleeping.

September 25, 2009

Poppy: Art woke us up for breakfast and exercise. Pat was still a little bit weak but said she needed to get the exercise. They decided to visit our restaurant where we met a couple of nice ladies. They wanted to take us away. Barbara was there and I was glad to see her. She was glad to see me.

October 1, 2009

Poppy: Nothing new occurred today. After visiting Cully's and having all my girl-friend's, people type, cuddle and kiss me, I spent the day at home playing with Achi, eating and sleeping. Oh, I guess I made Sam mad when I tried playing with him. He swatted me and it stung. I guess I better not annoy him.

Achi: Today was just a routine day. We went to Cully's where all the women made ga-ga over Poppy. The rest of the day we spent a home.

October 2, 2009

Achi: We got up real early this morning. As Art was getting up, I ran to him. He picked Poppy and me up and kissed us. Art put us down after a few minutes and took Sugarbear and Sam outside. When he got back, he did people things. Pat was also doing people things, as well.

Just before Art got Pat to put Poppy and me into jail. Jail is a small portable dog carrier. We were trapped. When Art got back, he told Pat that they might be able to stop at Cully's for a cup of coffee, before going to the hospital if they left right then. We found out that Pat was receiving outpatient care and made routine trips to the hospital. He pick us up, rather he pick up the jail we were in and took it to the car. Hey, what's happening?

He started the car and waited for Pat. When she got there Art told her that we better head straight to the hospital. She said, "OK." Before we left Pat asked Art, "should I hold them. It's a long ride and they haven't traveled for a long period." I was thinking, "Say, yes, yes." Art said, "Sure, why not." Pat let us out of jail and put us on her lap. She told us to be good. Well I was good, probably because I was a bit scared, but Poppy climbed all over her. While we were traveling Poppy had to go, so he went in Pat's hand -- what a load and did it ever stink, ugh! The rest of the ride was uneventful.

When we got to the hospital, Pat put us back in jail and left. Art drove off without her. He went to this structure that had a lot of cars, small trucks, and motorcycles, well that's what Art called them. They were loud, noisy, and scary. While we were there, we heard lots of new sounds. About every few minutes we would hear a loud roaring noise. Art saw that it made us nervous, so he said, "Don't be scared it's only an airplane flying over us and landing at the airport." Like we really knew what he's talking about. What's an airplane? Only kidding, everyone knows what a plane is, don't they?

We were parked for about ten minutes when Art got out of the car. I thought, "I hope he's not going to leave us like this, in jail and alone." He didn't. He came to our side of the car and let us out of jail. He put another collar on us that had a ring on it and then he hooked a long cord to it. He pick us up and stuffed us in his jacket.

Art took us to an area alongside the car structure and put us down. He had us on a leash and I didn't like it one bit. So, I struggled to get free. I tried my best several more times but I was not successful. We walked along the side of the building for several minutes and then Art picked us up and put us in his jacket. We all proceeded to the hospital courtyard, that's what Art called it, where he bought a newspaper and coffee. All the girls that saw us said we were adorable. They sure weren't talking about Art. Some of them petted us. As usual I was quite reserved, while Poppy threw himself at them. He certainly likes the attention. He's such a flirt.

Art took us back to the car so he could drink his coffee and read the paper. He put us in the back area of the car, where I played with Poppy until I got tired and decided to take a nap. Poppy escaped to the front where he annoyed Art, I think.

I was woke up by the sound of Art's phone ringing. I heard him say, "We're on level 3, east side." About five minutes later Pat got in the car so I climbed over on to her. I was glad to see her an let her know it. Pat and Art talked for a while about what to do for the next couple of hours. They decided to go to a place Art called Fry's and the stop at a place called Einstein Bagel Bros. Before we left, they jailed us again. I don't like jail and I let them know it. I kept screaming and screaming but they wouldn't let me out.

On the way to Fry's, they stopped and put on our leashes. Art had me and Pat had Poppy. There was this green stuff all over the ground. I heard them say it was grass. I liked it. Grass tickled my stomach and tasted funny. It was soft to walk, run or play on. I like laying on it, also.

Poppy: Just before we entered Fry's parking lot, they stop and put leashes on us. Pat took me to an area where this grass stuff was growing, I think. They called it grass. I'd never seen grass before. I didn't like it at all. It was wet and prickly. I struggled to get off the grass but Pat made me walk across it.

We stayed there about ten minutes, then they put us back in the car and proceeded to the parking lot. While Art went into the store, Pat stayed in the car with us. She let us roam around the car while she worked on several puzzles. When Art returned, they put us back in the traveling case. They drove a little distance and then stopped at a place call "Einstein Bagel Bros." After Pat and Art ate, they let us taste some, we went back to the hospital parking structure.

As Pat was leaving the car, I heard Pat tell Art she would call him when she was finish with her two appointments. After a bit Art took us up to the top of the structure. We walked around for several minutes. Achi found a spot he liked and pooped. Art picked it up with a baggie and threw it in the trash. We did mark a lot of places to let others of our species know this was our territory.

Around three-thirty PM, Pat called Art to let him know she was done and that he could pick her up. After Pat got in, she put us back in the case for the trip home. Once again Achi whined most of the way home but every once in a while, he would stop to play and fight with me.

We were very glad to get home. David was there to greet and pet us. They turned us loose to roam the house. It's good to be home; what a day's adventure.

October 3, 2009

Achi: We had lots of fun when Art gave us a few small stuffed animals to attack and drag around. I picked one up and Poppy took it from me. We kept running around taking it from one another. Art said, "Are you guys having fun playing take away?" He put a pillow in the middle of the bed and we played "King of the Mountain."

Poppy: While Achi and I were playing, Art started to do some writing. After a bit we ran over his papers and chewed on his pencil. He stop, so we went back to playing

Achi: Our play was interrupted when Pat and Art took us to Cully's for breakfast. Most of the people we knew but there were a few new ones. One little girl, about one year old, really liked me. And Poppy as well, but not as much as me. When she saw me, her eyes lit up. I have that effect on people.

Achi: At Cully's all the people said how adorable we were. I climbed all over Pat to meet them and let them pet me. I was losing my shyness. There was this one young girl that enjoyed petting me, I liked it too. She was very happy to meet us.

When we got home, Pat went back to sleep. She was very tired and felt a little sick and spent the rest of the day in bed. We spent the rest of the day playing with Art. He said, "It wasn't play, it was annoying." Well that's what we do. He loves it.

October 4, 2009

Poppy: We were mad at Mom and Dad when they put us in the traveling case but didn't take us with them. They went to Cully’s without us – why?

Achi: When they got home, Pat let us out of our prison. Pat said they were sorry they couldn't take us with them because on Sunday Cully’s is very crowded and that’s why we had to leave you guys at home. And explained that, we put you in the case because we were concerned about you getting hurt if we roamed about the house and annoyed Sugarbear or the Cats. I suppose they were right.

Pat was feeling better today so she played with us for a while. While we were playing with Mom, Art took pictures of us and printed some up. After that we took a nap while Dad watched football; whatever that is?

October 5, 2009

Poppy: Mom was feeling much better today so she played with us. We visited Cully's where, as usual, everyone made a fuss over us. Again, Barb was glad to see me and keeps asking Pat if she can take me home with her. Mom said no but you can have him while we're here.

Achi: After we got back from Cully's the rest of the day was routine. Poppy and I played while Mom and Dad did human things and then watched television.

October 12, 2009

Poppy: Today I weighed 3 lbs.

Achi: When we got back from Cully's, Mom and Dad let us run around the yard. It was great fun, an adventure. Poppy and I explored while Pat and Art stayed close by. While I was all over the place, Poppy just meandered about. Today I weighed 2 lbs 9 ozs.

October 14, 2009

Poppy: Achi and I were by the front screen door. I scratched and asked to be let out. Art ask Pat if they should let them, that’s Achi and me, out? Pat said, “Yes.” As Art opened the door he said, “I'll watch Achi and you take Poppy.” When the door was opened, I walked out cautiously, to make sure all was well. Achi charged out like someone escaping prison. I like it outside, there is so much to explore. I move from place-to-place in a systematic way. There were lots of things to see and scent marking to find. Boy there were all kinds of new odors. I picked up a few things here and there. I found a spot where I could do pee and potty. From time-to-time Achi would attack me and then run somewhere else. Once in a while we got brave for a minute or so and explored further away from Pat and Art. I didn't get to far from Pat but Achi kept running away from Art who would yell at him to stop and come back. Most of the time he would do as told. However, there were times that Achi ignored him and ran further away. This made Dad real mad and he would chase him down. When he caught Achi, he picked him up and told him he was bad. He would also tap him on the nose with his finger, which got his attention.

It takes about ten minutes to go all the way around the house. When we got to the front door we were told to go inside. I did as I was told and Pat rewarded me with kisses and petting. Achi ran away which really made Art mad and Achi knew it. When he caught Achi, he told him how really bad he was and then put him in the house.

Achi: Poppy and I were by the front screen door. Poppy was scratching and whimpering. I heard Art ask Pat if they should let them, that’s Poppy and me, out? Pat said, “Yes.” As Art opened the door he said, “I'll watch Achi and you take Poppy.” When the door was opened, I dashed out, well I did. Poppy just walked out. Outside is so much fun. I began to run here and there. There were so many new things to see and particularly, smell. Boy there were all kinds of new odors. I chewed on a few things but none of them were worth eating. After a bit I found this spot and did my business – you know what I'm talking about. From time to time I would attack Poppy. Sometimes he got with it. Every time I got a little too far from Art, he would yell at me to stop and come back. Most of the time I would just stop but occasionally I ignored him and ran further away. This made him real mad and he would chase me down. For an old fart he pretty fast. He would pick me up and tell me I was bad. So what! He would also tap my nose with his finger, which got my attention.

It took us about five to ten minutes to go all the way around the house. When we got to the front door we were told to go inside. The heck with that I thought, so I took off running. That really made Art mad and I knew he was angry when he caught me. He told me I was really bad and put me in the house.

October 20, 2009

Poppy: It was late afternoon when Mom and Dad took us to Petco. We found out that Achi and I were getting the final series of shots today. I don't like shots. They hurt so give them to someone else, please. Today I weighed in at 3.4 lbs.

Achi: At Petco around 4:30 the vet gave me another round of shots. Shots stink and you can stick'em you know where. Today I weighed in at 2.8 lbs

October 24, 2009

Poppy: As we start our trip around the house, I noticed these black objects moving around in the sky. They intrigued me. It was fascination to watch them. I heard Dad say to Mom, "Poppy, that's me, has discovered crows." So those black objects are crows. What's a crow? Art said to me, "Poppy those things in the sky are crows. They're a kind of bird and birds can fly." I watched the crows flying about for a few minutes then continued to explore and mark my territory. Achi was all over the place, never taking the time to, as they say, smell the roses.

Poppy: As we rounded the house, Art drifted off in a different direction from standard path. This allowed me to explore further away from the house. While I was in this new area, I heard some animal making a racket. They got louder as Dad got closer. I was curious, but cautious, so I stayed close to Art. I found out that the animals were goats and that they wanted more food. They're a lot like Achi, he always wants to eat and he'll eat just about anything.

Achi: Today when Mom and Dad took us for our (now) routine daily adventure around the house, Poppy looked up at the sky while I explored areas I had not been to before. The yard is fairly big and I'm pretty small. Towards the end of the walk, Art went in a different direction;: it was away from the house towards a fenced area. I followed him at a safe distance. I could see the other side of the fence where there were a couple of big animals. I barked at them to let them know who's boss. They were making strange noises. Pat ask Art, "Did you feed the goats?" Art said, "Yes, but they're making a racket because they want more."

November 17, 2009

Poppy: I weighed 4 lbs.

Achi: I weighed 4 lbs 2 ozs. I'm starting to weigh more than Poppy.

November 30, 2009

Poppy: I had an overwhelming urge to lift my leg when I went pee. I weighed 4.2 lbs.

Achi: I weighed 4.5 lbs.

January 27, 2010

Poppy: I weighed 4 lbs. 6 ozs.

Achi: I weighed 6 lbs. 4 ozs.

February 21, 2010

Poppy: I weighed 4 lbs. 8 ozs.

Achi: I weighed 6 lbs. 11 ozs.

February 10, 2011

Poppy: I weighed 4 lbs. 7 ozs. I think I've stop growing.

Achi: I weighed 8 lbs. 3 ozs. Mom and Dad say I'm getting fat but I think it's just solid muscle.

December 21, 2011

Achi: I lifted my leg to go, the same as Poppy.

February 14, 2011

Poppy: When Pat picked me up and carried me outside, without Achi, I wondered what was up. Boy was I surprised when she introduced me to Gracietle bigger than I am and she weighed a few pounds more, but she was thin for her size. So, I said, "Hi Gracie, would you like to play and get acquainted."

After a bit, Art came outside and asked Pat, "What's going on?"

Pat told Art that Gracie was in heat, whatever that meant? Art just laughed and went back into the house.

I noticed a smell coming from Gracie, that Sugarbear has every few months. So, I got up close to Gracie and nuzzled her. I was being affectionate. I wasn't very experienced, actually I have no experience in what to do; but I'm willing to learn. So, for a while I played with Gracie and attempted to do what I was driven to. In any case it was fun playing with Gracie. She's not as hyper as Achi.

Gracie and I played and tried for about thirty minutes when Pat picked me up again and took me inside. She put me down, picked up Achi and took him outside. Boy was he in for a surprise.

Achi: When Pat picked up Poppy and took him outside, I tried to follow but she made me stay. I wondered what was happening because they have always taken both Poppy and I out together. After a while Pat came back in with Poppy and put him down. She then picked me up and took me outside. My thought was, "what's going on?" When we got outside Pat put me down in a small, fenced area with this hot female Chihuahua that lived next door. Her name was Gracie. She was about my weigh, but she was taller and slimmer. Although I'm a bit heavy for a Chihuahua my size, I'm muscular and solid, just what women want.

I said, "Hi babe, let's get with it." I'm not the romantic type like Poppy is. So, we played a while and tried to do what a boy dog is supposed to do but since I never did it before I had my troubles. Actually, I never did get it quite right.

March 16, 2012

Poppy: Sorry. I've haven't written much. I'm the quiet one, so, I'll let Achi tell what happens for the most part. To begin, Achi is going to tell you all about the girl Chihuahua Art brought home today. All I'll say about it is, "I didn't want anything to do with her, so, I just stayed away as much as I could."

Achi: First off, like Poppy said we're sorry for the long delay in writing. Our lives are pretty much routine. We get up in the morning and wait for Pat or Art to take us out to do our business. Most days they will invite us to go with them to breakfast. We get very excited because several people give us bacon. After we return, Pat will sit outside and feed us some more bacon. While she works on her crossword puzzle, we play for a while, then she will take us inside. I run to the bedroom and ask Art to let me in. He tells Pat that I whine, what does he know about my language. Once inside, I will get in his lap for a few gentle strokes, then I will climb up behind his neck to sleep. Sometimes I'll jump down and go to sleep in my house.

Well tonight was really different from our standard routine. About 8:00 PM Art went out to buy some materials for a job they were working on. When he return, we got a very big shock. I could tell right away that something was different. I heard Art call to Pat, as I ran to greet him. He said, "Pat look what I found." Yeah, he found a girl Chihuahua. She was about my size. I let her know right away that I didn't take her intrusion kindly and that I was the Alpha here. This is my territory.

She, yeah it was a girl Chihuahua, about my size but a few pounds lighter. Well, Pat came out from another room and took her from Art. I got a bit jealous, so, I growled at her; I also wanted to let her know, again that I was the big man here. Pat and Art took her, along with Poppy and me into the bedroom. They put her down on the bed, which I immediately made my way to. Pat picked up Poppy and he ran over to Art, who was sitting in a chair next to the bed. Poppy wanted nothing to do with her and stayed as far away as possible. She was kind of hyper. Pat said, "She's like Achi."

They, Pat and Art, talked about finding her guardian. They would take her to the nearby vet to see if she had a chip; whatever that is. Pat would also check the paper's lost and found. Art would see if there were any signs posted while he did his morning jog. Meanwhile they let her explore the house. Just like me when Pat or Art began to eat something she came around for her share.

The new girl ran all over the house and ate our food. Pat thought that she was a bit emaciated, but Art wasn't sure -- he thought she was just skinny. While she partook of the available food and treats, to Art she didn't seem to be starving. The food dish was full and she stopped eating.

One thing for sure was that she was a jumper. I thought I could jump pretty high, but I've got to admit she was better. She jump down from places I was afraid to, and she could get up on things that were higher. If she were as muscular as me, I don't think she could jump up and down as easily. Anyway, the intruder ran all around and took up my place on Pat or Art's lap. It made me mad and I got tired just watching her expend all that energy.

When Pat and Art took us out for our evening business, I heard Art say, "It's hard keeping track of two of them, can you imagine how it's going to be with three of them going their own way." While we were outside, with our guest, we spotted a rabbit and all of us took off after it. Our pursuit took us to the edge of our allowed area, so, when Art yelled at us Poppy and I stop. However, the new girl kept going despite Art's yelling at her. I guess she didn't know he was talking to her. Art took off running to catch her but he wasn't fast enough. Well, all's well that ends well; she finally came to Art after the rabbit fully escaped. Okay, we completed our business and they took us back into the house, where we played for a while and then it was off to bed. Art asked Pat if she thought she could sleep with three of them?

March 17, 2012

Poppy: I just don't understand why they can't wait for me to get up. I'm so comfortable curled up under the covers, where it is warm and I could sleep for a while longer. No, they just have to bother me and make me get up to go outside. This morning they had the new girl with us. So, I went where she wasn't. After we were done, we went back inside. Achi and I got ready to go to the bacon place. You can imagine how disappointed, and angry, we were when they didn't take us but took the new girl.

Achi: We made it through the night without incident. This morning both our guardians took us all outside for the morning business. It was pretty uneventful. After several minutes they took us back inside. Pat and Art got ready to go to breakfast while Poppy and I went to the door and waited for them. Art asked Pat if we should take all three of them. She said, "Leave Poppy and Achi home while we see if the vet can check if she has a chip." It wasn't long before they left with the new girl. Poppy and I were quite disappointed and our parting look told Pat so. They were gone for a couple of hours, and when they returned the girl wasn't with them. They told us that the vet found she had a chip. It turns out that the owner lived just down the hill. He thank them. Things were now back to normal.

April 14, 2013

Poppy: I weighed 5 lbs. 8 ozs. I was wrong at the last weigh-in, I grew some more. I think now I'm full grown.

Achi: I weighed 10 lbs. 2 ozs. Mom and Dad said, "How much bigger can he get?" I don't understand why they can't see that I'm all muscle.

August 4, 2013

Poppy: Hello, hello! Once again, I’m sorry we haven’t spoken for a while. Life has been pretty much routine, except for today, which Achi will speak to you about at lengths. Our routine has only changed slightly from what we’ve spoke of before. During this hiatus we, namely me, were training Pat an Art. After our morning excursion, Art would bring us in and sit in his chair, doing things with his computer or computers. At this time, I’ve trained him to picked me up and put me on his lap. I would then proceed to kiss him and generally get into his face until he would give us a treat. It works every time. After our morning treat Achi and I lead a mundane existence, basically sleeping, relaxing, eating, and playing. It works for us. In the evening when Art and Pat are watching television, we have trained them to give us treats. I will get next to Art, he’s easier than Pat, and stare at him. Sometimes he will relent without much more coaxing to give us a treat. When this doesn’t work, which is rare, I will put one of my paws on him and tell him to give us a treat. Usually after a few moments of speaking to him, he will give in. Sometimes I have to raise my voice and be very demanding. You would think that with me yelling at him he would get angry, but he just laughs and obeys. This almost always works the first time. I can usually repeat the process one more time and occasionally a third time. Achi just stands there and reaps the benefits.

Achi: Well now that Poppy has you up to date, I guess it’s my turn to tell you what exciting thing happened to us today, not that we particularly liked it. It was just after we completed our morning business that Pat and Art put us in the car, for what we thought was a trip to our favorite restaurant, where our friends give us treats. This was not to be the case. They drove down the hill a short distance, actually the house next door, and took us inside. Once we got inside, we met two other members of our species. Their names were Gracie and Bartley. Gracie is a Chihuahua just like Poppy and I. Gracie weighs about the same as I do, but she’s thinner and taller, not as muscular as I am. She is black-brown and very skittish. Bartley, we are told, is a Pug – whatever that is. He’s probably 5 to 10 pounds heavier than I am, a little bit taller and funny looking. It looks like someone hit him in the face with a board which made it very flat and wrinkly. Bartley is a light beige color with a dark stripe running down his back. He is very easy-going. You can just imagine the anarchy that followed when they put us down. Poppy didn’t know what to do, so he ran off and hid someplace and stayed away from them as best he could. Since I’m the alpha dog I just stood my ground when Bartley came over to check me out. Nothing happened. Gracie on the other hand stayed away from all of us but she would approach Pat and Art. Poppy and I spent the rest of the day exploring this new house and staying away from the other two, as they did from us. We didn’t know it at the time but they were going to become our brother and sister.

August 11, 2013

Poppy: Today started out pretty much routinely, when we got up, Art took us outside for our morning business and play time. Once concluded “operation waste disposal and territory marking,” was concluded we made straight for the bedroom and our treats. Art put me on my bed – he thinks it’s his. Achi joined me on my bed by jumping onto a chair and then the bed. When Art sat down, as I explained earlier, we told him to give us a treat. Which he did. After that a while Achi did his thing while I found a nice place to curl up and dream. Life was good and I expected it to remain so. Lazily I laid there not having a clue about what was going to happen I just dreamed of treats and girl Chihuahuas. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. This was the day that Bartley and Gracie arrived at our home to join our family. Around noon, Art came and got Achi and me to take us outside. I had no idea that a bit earlier they had gone to our neighbor's house and brought Bartley and Gracie back with them. So, once outside I headed to my favorite area to conduct my business when I spotted Bartley and Gracie. I asked myself, “What are they doing here?” While I pondered that, I stayed as far away from them as I could. After we were let back in the house I retreated to my favorite bed for relaxation in seclusion. I fully expected that Bartley and Gracie would be gone when I got up. It didn’t happen. So, I’ll let Achi tell you how that went. For me it was very traumatic.

Achi: Well, Poppy pretty much informed you of how our day started. Shortly before noon Pat and Art returned from their morning breakfast. Art came, got us, and took us outside. I guess they stopped on their way home and surprise, surprise they pickeded up Gracie and Bartley. Yeah, I was surprised to see Bartley (the funny faced guy) and Gracie but being an alpha dude, I just strutted up to Bartley and let him know I wasn't about to take any crap from him. So, we reach a mutual agreement to leave one another alone. For the first few minutes of their visit – that’s what I thought it was – they were kept on a leash. After a while when they thought it was safe Pat removed the leashes. Pat told Art that this was the first time in their lives they were allowed to explore outside. While they were living with our neighbor, she kept them in the house. Bartley kind of explored the yard slowly and carefully. Gracie took off like a shot and ran all over the place. I could tell by their behavior that this was new to them. For the remainder of the day, Bartley and Gracie stayed very close to Pat, both inside the house and out. Poppy stayed as far away from them as possible, both inside and out. Gracie is a very fast runner and she ran all around the place. She would reluctantly approach Art when he called her. If he moved too fast, she would dash away. Later in the evening when David came home Gracie became very frightened of him and ran as far away from him as possible – it’s a good thing we have fencing all around or she would’ve run away. For the rest of the day, whenever David would get anywhere near Gracie, she would bark at him. Bartley was very calm and easy going. I got up close to him and let him know I was the alpha dog here and this was my territory. I guess he accepted it and began to slowly explore the area. I heard Art say to Pat, “Bartley’s reminds me of Ferdinand the Bull.” She laughed and agreed. Who the heck is Ferdinand? During the rest of the day, we were leery of the newcomers and as they were of us. So, we all kept our distance and move lightly around each other. Inside they stuck close to Pat while Poppy and I stayed with Art while he goofed off in his room. In the evening when Pat and Art settled in to watch TV, Poppy did his thing while I backed him up. Art relented and gave us our treat and he gave Gracie and Bartley one as well. The nerve of them horning in on our training as far as she could

August 18, 2013

Poppy: Let’s start by saying, Gracie still barks at David. When Pat is at home, Gracie still will not go outside unless Pat takes her. Again, when Pat is away and Art takes her outside, she will stand at the front gate most of the time. For the most part we are all getting along well.