To Bra Or Not To Bra?
© 2019 P. Arthur Stuart
Updated August 25, 2019

The following is a chapter from my book --- Victoria: Coalescing. The topic is about wearing a bra and the possibility that it contributes to breast cancer. The chapter is based on some research I did, after viewing an item on my Facebook page, claiming that bras caused breast cancer. Except for the exchange between Victoria and Arthur, the information discussed is what I found. For women that wear bras, you might want to research, "Do bras cause cancer?"

The Chapter

We’re in our comfort zone position. “Lu, I’ve done something I probably should stop doing.”
Shaking her head in wonder, she challenges me, “And what might that be?”
“Well, an item popped up on my Facebook page that intrigued me. I did some research on the item’s claims. I was concerned and wanted to determine if they were true.”
“You’re stalling, why? And why do you always have these long ramblings before you get to the point? I’ll bet it has something to do with me. Am I right?”
“Someday when I figure it out, I’ll tell you why I take time to get to the point. Yes, it’s about you.”
“Okay, what is it?”
“I think you should stop wearing a bra, when you don’t absolutely need to.”
“What? Are you kidding. Why, you don’t think I’m sexy enough?”
“Not kidding, I’m very serious. Further, if you were wearing a sack and all I could see are your eyes, I’d be turned on. In fact, hearing your voice or just knowing you’re close is enough. It has nothing to do with sex.”
Perplexed, “Then, why wouldn’t you want me to wear a bra?”
“Although, I’m not sure the research I’ve been doing is conclusive or accurate. I’ve been finding that the benefits of going braless varies between researchers, doctors, women’s groups, and cancer organizations. Nevertheless, there seems to be a growing view that wearing a bra, with an underwire, contributes to breast cancer. And the amount of time it is worn during a day is also a factor—more time, higher risk. These findings were based on a couple of studies, that are not considered conclusive, by those opposed to the findings. In one of the studies, it was found that women that went braless, tended to be thinner. Therefore, weight or breast size may have been the factor. There have been no studies to refute these claims. Essentially, those that disagree say there is no scientific evidence to support these claims; then again there is no evidence to disprove it.”
“So, you’re worried about me getting breast cancer?”
“Yes! Exactly! In addition, it’s generally accepted that going braless helps to reduce sagging, generally you get a better overall feeling, and it is good for circulation. One thing that they all agree on, including bra manufactures, a bra that doesn’t fit properly is unhealthy and shouldn’t be worn. In addition, nearly all recommended, not sleeping with one. Further, tight fitting clothing in general may not be healthy. Data regarding the subject goes back as far as the 1800s. One thing I would bet on, people that remove uncomfortable clothing, usually tight, feel relieved. Maybe our bodies are telling us something.”
“I’ve been measured for proper fit and my bras are tailor made, so as far as proper fit goes, I think I’m okay. I have to admit that after I get home and take off my shoes and you take off my bra, along with everything else, I feel better.”
“I know there are times that a bra is essential. Participating in sports is one of them. You should wear a good sports bra; which I know you have plenty of. You might want to consider wearing one in place of your regular bra, if you want or need to wear one. What I’m suggesting and hoping you will do, is go braless, except when it is essential to wear one. I made a list of items, I found on the internet.” I hand her the paper; I had placed on the nightstand earlier.

The paper is as follows:

After reading the paper, she smiles at me, “Art, I love it when you show me you love me. Few men would be as concerned as you are, even though they love someone. I’m so glad I have you. I’ll do a little research on my own and speak to my doctor. I do agree though, not wearing a bra is intriguing; I may do it in any case. How would you feel if I do?”
I think about it for several moments while she waits. I want to make sure I phrase my words correctly. “Believing that it will be healthier for you, I’m for it, regardless of anything else. I don’t know what effect it will have sexually for me. I don’t think it will have much though, one way or another. Sometimes taking your bra off is exciting and yet, looking at your breasts is also exciting, like when you’re dressing. Please, just do it for yourself.” I laugh and add, “Crap, you just being, arouses me.”
She giggles, “How about right now? We’ve been talking for a while, which should have given you time to regain your strength?”
It did, and we do. This time when we’re in our comfort zone position again, I keep my mouth shut.