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Updated September 16, 2017

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Sarcastically she says, ďWell it appears that you might have a brain, a small one but nevertheless a brain. Yes, thatís exactly what Iím asking. Why the fuck are you following me?Ē

Irritated somewhat, spitefully, I finally start putting a response together and say, ďFirst of all, I couldnít give a shit about you.Ē Mentally I note, that isnít quite true. I find that I have a strong attraction to her. What I feel I canít explain. Lust perhaps? However, I let my little boyish ego get in the way and behave like a petulant child. I continue, ďI havenít the slightest idea who the hell you are and frankly couldnít care less.Ē I pause, Thinking, thatís not entirely true. I feel a connection, like there is a strong undefinable force that is drawing me to her. Behaving stupidly and childish, I take a deep breath, then continue, ďYou have a personality that would cause hell to freeze over and make a pride of lions turn and run away. Youíre conceited and arrogant. You make me want to take you across my knee and spank you. Somebody should. You behave like you were born with a silver spoon, not in your mouth, but up your tight ass. Youíre nothing but a stupid, nasty, petulant bitch. So why donít you climb on your broom and fly back to where you came from?Ē

I see her nose flare and her breathing becomes short and rapid. She glares at me. It appears that she is struggling with some inner conflict. Whack! She slaps my faceóhard. Ow! That smarts, but itís nothing I canít handle. I can see the anger and contempt in her eyes. It takes all my willpower but I just stand there and smile while my cheek smarts. Unbelievably, I think, She is even more beautiful with her teeth clenched and her hazel eyes on fire with rage. So, to piss her off a bit more, I manage to laugh, then turn my face exposing my right cheek and say, ďHereís my other cheek, bióĒ Whack! Before I can finish, she slaps me again. This time with her left-hand, while she glares at me with utter disdain. Ow! Again, it really stings.

My irritation escalates and I very much would like to let her have it. Itís something I could never do without being truly threatened. I know Iím in no real danger of being harmed. However, I feel I need to do something. Without any real thought, on impulse, I grab her by her upper arms. For a moment, I see fear in her eyes but almost instantaneously she recovers and glares defiantly at me -- fury emanating from every pore. So, I bend down and kiss her. Possibly in astonishment and being unprepared for my kiss, she opens her mouth slightly. This gives me an opportunity to start exploring her mouth with my tongue and at the same time I wrap my arms around her and pull her close, pressing my groin into hers. Unexpectedly and much to my amazement, she begins to respond. Her tongue explores mine. She sucks in a deep breath and pushes her body in closer.

Whoa, whoa, I put my hands on her upper arms, stop kissing her and push her away. I think, What the hell are you doing Art? Why did I kiss her? Why did I stop kissing her? Iím emotionally conflicted, tied up mentally in knots. I look at her. Her eyes are glassy, like she has no idea where she is or what is happening. Much to my astonishment, she appears dazed and confused, not at all like the arrogant, confident, master-of-the-universe woman Iíve seen. She just stands there bewildered, mollified, all the fury gone. Itís unbelievable; surreal.

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